Community Programs

In addition to providing financial assistance to UCLA Stem Cell Transplant Department, LIVESTRONG, and Stand Up To Cancer, we’re also dedicated to supporting local programs and initiatives in Southern California.

Warrior of the Year – Micro Grant:
Greener Pastures is very excited to announce our new community project, Warrior of the Year! Our Warriors of the Month and their courageous and fearless stories always inspire us, so we developed a new program to provide direct support to these incredible people.

Our Warriors fight for their lives against cancer, and most have to put their “everyday life” on hold to do so. Treatment is not only exhausting and difficult on the body and mind, but it can also present significant financial challenges. Many people (and their loved ones) are not able to work during this time, which can result in additional (and certainly unwanted) stress. We hope this new program will help alleviate some of these concerns and allow our Warriors to remain focused on getting healthy and enjoying life. READ_MORE

Greener Pastures is honored to support FIRST DESCENTS, a non-profit organization that offers young adult cancer fighters and survivors a free outdoor adventure. The experience is designed to empower the participants to climb, paddle, and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives, and connect with others doing the same. We feel their goals align perfectly with Greener Pastures’ vision to fight cancer for a better tomorrow while enjoying today. READ_MORE

Be The Match® Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donor Drives:
Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with blood cancers like lymphoma and leukemia. Many will die unless they receive a bone marrow/stem cell transplant from a matching donor (70% don’t have a matching donor within their own family). The National Marrow Donor Program, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to providing bone marrow and cord blood transplants to patients in need. Be The Match® operates the Be The Match Registry®, the world’s largest database of potential marrow and cord blood donors, and helps facilitate the necessary transplants to save the lives of those in need. It also provides education to healthcare professionals and conducts medical research through the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®.

Greener Pastures proudly works with Be The Match® to periodically host bone marrow/stem cell donor drives in an effort to raise awareness and attract potential donors to join the Registry. Each new member increases the chance that a patient will find the match they so desperately need.

Greet The Day In-Patient Oncology Massage Program:
Greener Pastures is excited to partner with Greet The Day to improve the quality of life of Southern California hospitalized cancer patients through therapeutic, oncology massage and bodywork. Launched in 2012, this program is designed to improve patients’ qualify of life by reducing the physical and emotional pain associated with in-patient cancer treatment. The program will also collect and record data regarding the impact of the massage and bodywork, with the hope to use the results to promote further integration of such complementary therapies.