Greener Pastures 2015 Community Program
Cancer Warrior of the Year Micro Grant

Cancer Warriors of the Month

Cancer Warrior Micro GrantMicro Grant 2015:
Our Warriors of the Month and their courageous and fearless stories always inspire us, so we developed this micro grant program to provide direct support to these incredible people. Our Warriors fight for their lives against cancer, and most have to put their “everyday life” on hold to do so. Treatment is not only exhausting and difficult on the body and mind, but it can also present significant financial challenges. Many people (and their loved ones) are not able to work during this time, which can result in additional (and certainly unwanted) stress. We hope this new program will help alleviate some of these concerns and allow our Warriors to remain focused on getting healthy and enjoying life.

Each of our Warriors of the Month will be eligible to apply for a year-end MicroGrant, which will provide direct financial assistance to those in need. At the end of each year, we’ll review our applications and, based on various eligibility criteria, will award our “Warrior of the Year” with a monetary grant (there may be multiple award recipients each year). These funds may be used for a variety of purposes, including medical bills, transportation expenses, home care, or even a much-needed family vacation!

How to be eligible for the Warrior of the Year Micro Grant:

  • Email your story (along with several high resolution photos) and be featured as a Greener Pastures Warrior of the Month; and
  • Complete and submit the Warrior of the Year application  
    (right+click to download onto your desktop)

That’s it! So if you’re currently in the battle, or have a loved one going through it (we welcome caregivers to share their experiences too), please submit your story and application! (For a 2015 grant, your application must be postmarked by December 1, 2015.) We look forward to hearing from you and further supporting our Warriors!!